Growing up I figured out that I was drawn to creative life, whether it was through music, writing, art or graphic design, I liked life to be colorful. In my life after high school I played music, worked in graphic arts (pre and post computer age), and found myself working on music videos, then commercials and then television and feature films. I started literally at the bottom of the art department and have learned most of the different crafts under the umbrella of the art department; ie set construction, painting, props, set decoration. As head of my department I am responsible for creating the vision of the director and the visual desires of the client. I mange my own crew, hire outside vendors or contractors if needed, and maintaining a budget. For the last 15 years I have focused mostly on commercial work as I found that to be uniquely challenging with its time and budget constraints. I love new challenges and environments. I strive to make my work and life strike a harmonious balance.

My previous and current work history has been mainly in the commercial film industry as an Art Director/Designer. I bring a creative fun approach to my work, and a love for collaborating with others in creating. I have led a department/crew that is never smaller than 6 people, often up to 10, and have always come in at or under budget. I have 25 years of production experience, including new media. I am always looking to broaden my abilities and am enjoy seeking new challenges.

I have worked on over 200 national commercials for clients such as Mercedes, Cummins, AT&T, Chrylser, Ford, GMC, Lexus, Lockheed Martin, Corona  and many other clients.




Member of the Art Directors Guild